Key Holder Services

Some homeowners leave their keys with a neighbor, friend or relative to access their home when the owner is away or not available. What if that trusted individual is not available when needed 24/7? Estrella Mountain Home Watch Services PLUS is a safe, secured and affordable way to have your key available in case of that emergency. As a Home Watch service, we differ from a house sitter or neighbor/friend/family member. We are insured and bonded and provide professional watch services on a predetermined schedule. We can offer home check inspections weekly, bi-weekly or according to your needs.

Our Key Holder Services Include:

  • House Guest or Tenant access.
  • Lockout services.
  • Coordinate Repair or Maintenance Services.
  • Monitor repairs or renovations including reports and photos of the progress.
  • Give access (to vendors/service providers)
  • Waiting Services (for service, repair, delivery, installation, etc.)
  • Be an important point of contact 24/7 response to security alarms at your property.
  • Package receipt and forward.
  • Package Pick-Up and Bring in (bring in packages delivered to property)
  • Open & prep home for owner or guest arrivals.
  • Secure home after guest or provider departure.
  • Trash and recycling bin service
  • Grocery Shopping/ stocking – prepare for you and/or your guests’ arrival.
  • Owner requests or emergency visits.

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